Saturday, July 17, 2010

Where to Find Cheap Brochure Printing

Whether it is for is a real estate listing, a trade show handout, a data sheet, or another application, brochures can be a great promotional tool. They can be very expensive or surprisingly affordable, depending on your needs and where you look. Two of the easiest ways to find good prices is to search online or to call printing companies for quotes. There are so many competing printing companies – both offset and digital – that the job of finding a cheap brochure printing company couldn’t be simpler.

Digital printers tend to be less expensive than offset printers, but some argue that their quality is not as high. It is best to investigate what each kind of printer offers and see a sample before making a judgment.

If you have limited internal marketing services, you can still easily make a brochure that will be of high quality, appealing and cheap. The key elements are creating and implementing a clear design plan and doing all of your electronic file work in-house. This will avoid enlisting the extra services printers offer, and help keep the cost low.

Companies will often prominently list their no-frills prices to attract customers looking for bargains. The prices will usually include a few standard paper choices, full color and a standard fold, and shipping (sometimes this is free). If you are sure of what you want and you don’t need any consultation or custom work, your cost will remain very reasonable.

Another option is to build your own brochure online. There are many companies that now offer do-it-yourself graphic design options. This is a fast and easy process that is a very inexpensive route.

Be on the look out for free options and special deals such as seasonal discounts or discounts on discontinued papers. Additionally, make sure when you are pricing your brochure printing job that it includes full color; it is a purchaseers market and there is no reason to compromise on color. One of the most affordable options is single color or color brochure; this uses only one color and is not appropriate for every brochure.

With the advent of new technologies, digital printing and desktop publishing prices could not be lower. It’s a great time to use a brochure to get your message out there.

What Goes Around Comes Around

I’ve spent a lifetime committed to helping others. It’s what gives me the greatest joy, fulfillment and satisfaction in life. I’m also a true believer in the old adage - “What goes around comes around.”

This is reinforced on many occasions when I encounter an old co-worker, friend or acquaintance who reminds me of how I inspired them, gave them guidance or helped them through a difficult time. These kinds of experiences always motivate me to keep putting good things out into the world.

We never know in advance what good may come from the gestures we put out there. Maybe it will inspire, encourage, educate, motivate or actually change someone’s life. In any event, people will always come away knowing that they matter to you.

In business, as in life, it all comes down to people. People are your customers, co-workers, employees, leaders, managers, investors and vendors. Success in your business depends on the people you encounter. How you treat those people will have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Here are some ways to help people in your business and show them that they matter:

1. Deliver incredible customer service.
2. Give a single parent the afternoon off.
3. Pay someone more than you need to.
4. Send a hand-written note to an employee acknowledging a job well done.
5. Loan a subordinate a book that you’ve found to be helpful.
6. Tell someone struggling “I want to help you succeed,” and mean it.
7. Stop by and talk, without an agenda.
8. Share a resource that you’ve found useful.
9. Create a safe space for openness and honesty.
10. Let people tell you how they feel, and listen without interrupting.

I encourage you to think about the people that you impact, the lives that you touch and the positive changes that you can make. These are the true signs of leadership and in my opinion are more important than the money that you make, the position that you hold or the size of your office.

You can do good while you’re doing well. It may require you to think of new ways to do it, but when you focus on helping others, you’ll succeed in ways beyond measure.